FAQ and Community Guidelines

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Community Guidelines


  1. How do I submit? 

You can follow the link below after reading through the FAQ and Community Guidelines. From there, just fill out the form and hit submit! Submissions through Instagram dm are not accepted at this time. 

  1. Who can submit? 

Any Black community member of any of the Main Line schools of Philadelphia can submit a story. Because of a high number of responses, we are only sharing stories from the Black community. Our original goal was to uplift Black voices but we hope to soon expand to be able to support stories from all POC. Current students, parents, alums, staff or administration members who want to share their experience is welcome.

  1. Will my submission be changed or edited before it’s posted? 

We do not change submissions before posting. If a submission includes a name we do censor it out. If there are small typos, we may correct the errors for clarity. 

  1. Can stories from public schools be submitted?

Yes! Although originally this account was started for private schools, we received stories and direct messages from public schools as well. So, we expanded to match the needs of the community! Now, stories from any Main Line school will be shared.

  1. I attend college on the Main Line. Can I submit a story from my college experience?

Unfortunately, our team is only able to support the stories from elementary schools through high schools. If we don’t fit your need, we highly suggest creating a similar account for your community or connect institutions. We have a guide in our resources on how to start a similar account if you need help starting. Also, feel free to dm us if you have other questions or to connect once you’ve made your account! 

  1. I am from X school. Can I submit a story?  

Probably! We accept submissions from students, parents, alums, or staff from any school that is on (or affiliated with) the Main Line. If you want to share your story but are unsure if it will be accepted, we suggest you try and submit it! 

  1. I’m a member of a Main Line school community but my story happened outside of a Main Line school community. Can I submit it?

While your story is valid and deserves to be heard, the purpose of this account is to give the Black students and community members the platform they were never given while at these schools. We are promoting stories from Main Line schools in order to bring awareness to the pervasive racism these institutions allow. 

  1. I am a white community member but have a story I witnessed involving a Black individual at a Main Line school. Can I submit the story? 

No. This platform is for Black people. Black students, parents, and staff are not support and do not have voices at these institutions so now it is our turn to speak. Your chance to speak up was in the moment of injustice. In addition, that is not your story to be shared because you are not the victim and could never understand or articulate the experience in the way that a Black person can. Please do not speak over Black people. Please do not make this about you or your feelings. 

  1. I submitted a story but do not see it. When will it be posted? 

We do not know exactly. We receive many submissions everyday and work hard to share them at an appropriate pace. As of July 27th, we have over 1,000 submissions. Please be patient! 

  1. Is there any way I can get involved and help this account?

Currently, we do not need any additional team members. If you would like to support this account, we ask that you share our page, suggest this platform to people you know, and sign the petitions on our website! 

  1. Can you tell me who submitted a post or who a post is about?

No. All of our submissions are anonymous. We post the complete submissions. If a submission includes a name, we will censor that name. Although it is not our job to protect or value the names of individuals who committed racists acts and injustices against our community, we will censor that name as the purpose of this account is to showcase black voices. Privacy is an unnecessary act of kindness we allow the aggressor because we do not want to endanger any individual.

12. Where will by submission be share?

We publicly post all valid submissions to our Instagram: @BlackMainLineSpeaks. With our July 4th expansion, submissions are now also posted on Facebook. With our newest expansion, stories are now also available on our website. Submitted stories are shared by BMLS on the Internet where we tag the schools as well.

Community Guidelines

Since our community has grown, our team has noticed an increasing misuse of the comment section of this platform. These community guidelines must be respected and upheld by all individuals in the community. Failure to respect this platform and its guidelines will lead to action from our team. Here we would like to acknowledge some unacceptable comments. 

White guilt/apology comments

We understand this account may expose you to something you’ve never noticed or even imagined but this account is not for white people. This is an account for Black people and Black voices. This is not your chance to prove you didn’t know this was going on. This is not your space to apologize because this is not about you. White apologies center white feelings instead of the feelings of the victims of racism. This is not your space. To interject yourself or your feelings in this conversation would be disrespectful and is unacceptable. 

If you are white and you are reading these stories, we ask you to use your privilege and bring these stories to your schools. Black voices need this platform because we are not listened to by teachers, administrations, and school boards. We are using this platform because we have been silenced. You have not. Use your privilege. 

Gossip/Entertainment comments

This is not a gossip page. This is not for finding the people in these stories. This is not to share for entertainment. This space is to bring attention to the experiences Black students, parents, alums, and staff are subjected to. This platform is for holding these institutions accountable for their actions and inactions against us. These stories are not light matters. These stories are not something you normalize by making them into gossip or games. We deserve better. 

Comments that belittle, invalidate, or gaslight

Do not comment that something is not racist. Do not comment that someone’s experience isn’t enough. Do not comment attempts to lessen anyone’s testimony. If you are looking through these stories and judging how racist they are, you are the problem. What authority do you have to say someone’s experience is invalid? In systems of oppression, the ones in power, the ones who benefit from privilege, and the ones who are not oppressed cannot define oppression. These stories are not for you to judge how racist something is and if it’s ‘racist enough’ to be valid. This is a safe space for Black people and voices. We will protect and uphold that space against these threats to the best of our ability. Black people are invalidated enough outside this platform. Don’t bring it here too. 

Think before you comment. Then rethink your comment and its motives again. Remember, almost all these experiences happen to children and adolescents. Think about who might be affected by your comment and how it will affect them. Think about the real sentiments behind your comments. If you are more upset by small details in the story than you are concerned about the experience and the human being behind the story, you need to reflect on yourself and your motives. The people sharing their stories have been waiting for the space to be vulnerable and be accepted. This is a safe space for Black people. Don’t ruin what we have created. 


Names included in submissions will be censored. 
Profanity and racist, sexist, homophobic, etc. slurs in submissions will be censored. 
Accounts breaking our community guidelines may be restricted without warning. 
For submission including association of student and class years of 2020 or later, our team will exclude the class year for the protection of students who continue to attend these institutions. 
False stories or submissions with false information will be removed from this platform without notice.
Comments including individuals names will not be removed unless that information is proven incorrect upon investigation.