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A collection of lists, guides, resources, papers, and articles collected by the BMLS Team and our community.

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Resources and Tools

Free PDF library of Black Work and Resources

Free pdfs of books about race, prison abolition, class, etc” by @greenteaamami
a Twitter thread

Black Lives Matter Toolkits by Black Lives Matter

Guides and Rubrics

Culturally Responsive Curriculum Scorecard
use  to “determine the extent to which their schools’ English Language Arts curricula are (or are not) culturally responsive”

Continuum on Becoming an Anti-Racist Multicultural Organization

How to start your own Black At account: by the Black Main Line Speaks Team

How to “educate people on the topic of the Black Lives Matter (BLM)  movement”: by @ameliaaversano

How to combat Optical Allyship: by @mireillecharper

An Introductory Anti Racism Guide: by Nova Reid

[Looking for writers/guides] How to start a BSU or cultural affinity group at your school

[Looking for writers/guides] How to write to school boards

Lists and Collections

Anti Racism Resource List: lead by @rootedgoddess

Recommended Reading: 20 Books from the Black Main Line Speaks Team

An Essential Reading Guide For Fighting Racism by Arianna Rebolini

Natl Resource List: by @babyindifera
legal support, advice for protesting, and ways to support BLM

Papers and Articles


What’s Missing from Independent School Responses to our Black Students and Alums: by Sanje Ratnavale for OESIS Network, Inc

Why You Need to Stop Saying “All Lives Matter”: by Rachel Elizabeth Cargle

Why you should stop saying “all lives matter,” explained in 9 different ways by German Lopez